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What Are Soft Close Hinges Anyway?

Soft Close Hinges

Say Goodbye To Slamming Doors

Soft-close hinges, also known as self-closing hinges or slow-close hinges, are a type of hinge mechanism commonly used in cabinet doors. These hinges are designed to prevent cabinet doors from slamming shut when they're pushed closed. Instead, they allow the door to close gently, silently, and securely.

Soft-close hinges and doors have become a welcomed solution for those bothered by the irritating sound of slamming cabinet doors. As technology and manufacturing have evolved, so too have options in home hardware. If you're in the midst of a home improvement project or a complete home renovation, it's an ideal time to explore the benefits of soft-close hardware.

How Do Soft Close Hinges Function?

Soft-close hinges play a pivotal role in ensuring that your cabinetry operates silently. These hinges are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that engages when you close the cabinet door, guiding it gently and noiselessly to its closed position, almost as if it's gliding. This hydraulic process ensures that the door doesn't slam shut abruptly, enhancing the overall experience of using your cabinets while simultaneously preserving their longevity and elegance. Moreover, soft-close hinges contribute to a safer environment, particularly in households with children or pets, as they minimize the risk of fingers or hands getting caught in rapidly closing doors, making them a smart choice for any home.

Why Choose Soft-Close Cabinets with Bryce Cabinetry?

Bryce Cabinetry offers a one-stop solution for top-notch cabinets. If you're considering the addition of soft-close hinge attachments in your bathroom or kitchen, we invite you to get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our expert design team!

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